Fortitude – DCxPC Live Vol. 12

If you’ve never heard of Fortitude, let me catch you up on 25 years of blistering, positive hardcore from Orlando, Florida. Fortitude is a band that believes in the Old Ethicsof hardcore; one scene where no matter where you come from, we are all in this together.

This live record was put out by DCXPC, a label that releases incredible live recordings of bands in their hometowns. This album is either the best introduction to Fortitude or a great trip down memory lane.

The opening song, “Star Spangled Hate” sets the tone with a song about how bombing countries full of innocent people is wrong. Written in 1999, it still rings true to this day

My personal favorite is “Red Aunt”. When Pat Edge screams “Fuck Racism” before the breakdown –  there’s no way that doesn’t amp you up!

It’s an 11 song set and the beginning of the last song, “The Game”, really ties it all together. Stay true to your friends and family and stay true to the sceneIt’s always rad to see bands with such a storied career still holding on to the convictions they held in the beginning

I usually like to list bands in a “for fans of” aspect but with Fortitude, they broke the mold with their soundFor fans of songs that ignite a revolution, make you think, and put good into a world so broken with hate

Alek Falkon is an aging librarian from Duluth, Minnesota and is very for real about the Dewey Decimal System. He was a Militant SxE until he heard No Redeeming Social Value’s “Olde-E” and he immediately broke edge. He loves hardcore, hardcore bands, and hardcor-ing around with his pals.

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