Who We Are

Our paths have all crossed in one way or another over the past few years and we have bonded together over our common love of music. We are the faces in the crowd and these are our experiences.

Meet Our Crew

Breezy McMullen -




Years ago, Bree started a blog called Punksylvania. She traveled the keystone state, soaked up the different local scenes, and shared her stories with the community. Her journey has crisscrossed the industry in many ways since then, but she never forgot about her passion for writing. 


In addition to running PA and Find Out, she also co-owns Allegedly Records, runs Snubbed By Allegedly, and is a founder of the Scene to Scene co-op. When she’s not herding children and musicians – you can find her in the woods or on a lake getting stoned…..probably. 

Jeremiah Kendall - Michigan
Jeremiah is a simple man, a middle aged punker from Northern Michigan. He enjoys going to shows, listening to all kinds of music, skating, hanging out with friends, and blazing fatties.
Nicole Morris - Washington DC

Curse Words, Collider, Accidents

Nicole is a lover of music, movies, and margaritas. You can probably find her playing guitar in a punk act at some shitty bar in DC or taking 1000 photos of her cats.

Jason Overmiller - Pennsylvania​

The Kennel, Allegedly Records​

Jason is really not as scary as he looks. He is an avid music lover who goes to as many shows as possible to help support the community. He also books bands at The Kennel in York PA, likes cats, collects vinyl, and has more band t-shirts than he will ever be able wear.

Heather Honick - Tennessee​​

Down 4 the Count​​

Heather is your local neighborhood emo, hippie, punk, witch. Full time mom and college student, she enjoys pro wrestling, gardening, and axe throwing. She has lived out her childhood dream of marrying the human equivalent of her favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Michaelangelo.

Trev Allen - Massachusetts​​​

The Struggling Artist Podcast,

The Struggling Artist Record Club​​

Known for his radio ready voice, Trev hosts The Struggling Artist Podcast and is the machine behind The Struggling Artist Record of the Month Club. Residing outside of Boston, he enjoys going to shows and hanging out with Tulla the Terrible.

Vinny Marone - New Jersey​​​​

Midlife Covers, Jersey Calling, Rabid Penguin Records​​

Vinny is a sometimes music blogger who has one decent promotional headshot that he uses for everything and way too little time to do all of the things he wants to do.

E-Hoe - Iowa
E-Hoe is a sometimes guest writer, part time world traveler, and full time high school Spanish teacher. When she's not collecting bruises in the pit, she's logging miles on her bike.
Gimp Leg - Indiana

Gimp Leg is a freelance ska fan that enjoys writing because he is completely devoid of musical talent. He also hates cops and capitalism but loves paleontology and baseball.

Chuck Veri - Pittsburgh​

Inco Fido ​

Chuck was playing in PGH bands before Jesus was born. Currently he fronts ska legends, Inco Fido. Most of his friends will tell you he's one the nicest people to ever get them kicked out of a strip club.

Chris Joyce - Maryland​​

Idleminds, Snubbed By Allegedly​

Chris likes punk rock. He sings in the band IDLEMINDS and scouts for Snubbed By Allegedly. He's ok. Not great, but not terrible. Believe him when he says that bands are good and read into it when he says nothing.

Red Writing Hood - Morgantown

Freelance Writer

Red is a freelance writer, artist and former journalist, who has a healthy obsession with phoenixes and black clothes. She favors punk, rock, and alternative live music, venues big or small, and loves sailing on Flogging Molly's Salty Dog cruise.

Alek Falkon - ​​​Duluth​

Allegedly Records​​

Alek Falkon is an aging librarian and is very for real about the Dewey Decimal System. He was a Militant SxE until he heard No Redeeming Social Value's "Olde-E" and he immediately broke edge. He loves hardcore, hardcore bands, and hardcor-ing around with his pals.