Defrauded – The Choice

Tampa, Florida is famous for Ybor City, Busch Gardens, and seminal hardcore band, Defrauded. Their music is for fans of Kill Your Idols, Minor Threat, In My Eyes, and Shark Attack. They released their EP, The Choice, in November of 2023. 

This EP consists of six songs of fast, straight in your face, hardcore – mixed with street punk speeds. Their thought provoking lyrics bellow about the state of things today and could not be more spot on. “Hey, hey you, screaming at a screen til your face turns blue” from the song, “Discordant” is a perfect summation of the lyrical content of this album: poignant, direct, and challenging the world around us. 

Every song is catchy and will have you singing along after the first listen, but my personal favorite song on here is the last track called “Venting.” A perfect perspective on crowd killing and all of the negative aspects of it that people probably don’t think about. 

This record really has everything for someone who loves catchy hardcore, fast songs, two step breakdowns, and a whole lot of soul. 

Alek Falkon is an aging librarian from Duluth, Minnesota and is very for real about the Dewey Decimal System. He was a Militant SxE until he heard No Redeeming Social Value’s “Olde-E” and he immediately broke edge. He loves hardcore, hardcore bands, and hardcor-ing around with his pals.

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