Trash Rocket – Rock and Roll Repeat

In March 2023, Trash Rocket dropped their first full-length album, Rock and Roll Repeat, on Allegedly Records. But this album plays like a time machine to the female fronted bands of the 1990s. A Post Punk band, emerging from Virginia’s Fredricksburg music scene, Trash Rocket has a bygone alternative, and punk rock sound, that delivers an album with deep feels.

Their first album echoes music relics like Belly, The Breeders, Elastica, Veruca Salt, Voice of the Beehive, the Go Gos, and B-52s. It delivers an emotional roller coaster, candy shell album, aligning their soft and hard nature. Their catchy and mostly upbeat melodies are coupled with dark messages, while the keyboard adds accents of 1980s futuristic pop. 

Their frontwoman, Kristin “Monster” Bonecrusher, brings breathy, sweet vocals, and gritty guitar, against chaotic and somber lyrics. Their songs lead through a path of love, soul-searching, and navigating through unsurmountable grief and ends with a 180 degree turn into an otherworldly surf rockesque track.  

The first track opens with strong, slow-paced rock guitar and electric buzzing notes of the keyboard in “Bury Me.” Starting simple, with a soft voice that crashes angrily into the chorus. The pace picks up with driving drums, and bass, singing of her sinking into herself, her brittle cardboard bones ripping apart collapsing in defeat. 

As you move through the album, much of its content is an exploration of Monster’s painful journey through the death of her first husband. Her love, anger, and mourning of her husband, who battled addiction, prior to losing his battle to cancer in 2016, is spread throughout much of the lyrics. This is especially felt in “Wasted,” “Forever Yours,” and “Good Time.” 

“Bleed,” is one of the heaviest tracks. It races right out of the gate with driving guitar, neck in neck with the bass and drums, punctuated with futuristic keystrokes. Low vocals and whispered chorus sing of self-reflection and trying to rise above the heaviness of life.

Their title track, “Rock and Roll Repeat,” starts with Monster’s gritty guitar alone, and jumps into a playful, upbeat melody, a small xylophone replacing the keyboard. The pounding drums and jaunty bass join to prescribe us to rock and roll, eat, sleep, and repeat.

“Alibi” ends the album with an about face from the sounds of previous tracks. Trash Rocket’s keyboardist, Craig Gaziano, contributes his writing and vocals in a surf rock, punk style. If the B-52s “Rock Lobster” and Talking Heads had a love child, this would be it.

The collection makes me reminisce about selling my CDs at Pittsburgh’s Discount Den, in order to fuel my need for more CDs, a pack of clove cigarettes, and the Den’s giant serving size of soda. Give a listen and take your trip back to the 90s.

Red is a freelance writer, artist and former journalist, who has a healthy obsession with phoenixes and black clothes. She favors punk, rock, and alternative live music, venues big or small, and loves sailing on Flogging Molly’s Salty Dog cruise. She can occasionally be found at 123 Pleasant Street, soaking in Morgantown’s local bands, Jameson in hand. She is also a part-time roadie for her boyfriend’s punk band, Controlled Chaos.

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