City Escape Artist – Puncture Wounds

This heavy hitting, melodic four piece consists of Dave on guitar and lead vox, Jon on drums, Trevor on guitar, and Johnny on bass. Puncture Wounds is the third full length album by this crew and they gave me a chance to check it out before it was released to the public. I’m a huge fan of their Observe and Report and Home is Home LPs so I was more than happy to give it a listen.

“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” was the first single released with a video for this album.. The thing with these guys? They have a way of reaching in and pulling out feelings that you didn’t expect or want to have. Although the video illustrates this song in terms of the current state of the music industry, it really can be applied to every aspect of life. 

About halfway through the album, we are given “Room to Breathe.” This short, slow instrumental number is exactly as the title suggests. It’s almost like a lullaby that allows you to catch your breath before “Bright Light” brings the raw intensity of the LP back up. The harmonies by these guys are best highlighted in this chorus. The song takes you on a journey and tells a story hidden within Dave’s heavy vocals.

“Untraveled Road” has power in its lyrics and feels deeply personal. I know that there are women out there listening and feeling its message. You got this. Take the untraveled road, make your own happiness, and fuck that dude. “He don’t care.” Musically, it’s the minimalism in the beginning that really punches the value into the song. As it progresses, so does the force of the sound created.

“Going Nowhere” brings us to the close of this full length. Boldly honest, Dave hits a higher vocal range than his typical and nails it. The catchy chorus touches my gutter punk, zero fucks given soul. “I know that I’m going nowhere and that’s just fine.” This year has been a dumpster fire for so many of us, so feel free to sing along.

City Escape Artist has always been super tight technically; so this allowed them to explore a bit more creatively, in my opinion. I equate “Puncture Wounds” to F2F’s “Ignorance is Bliss” album. While not completely abandoning the solid sound that is unique to them, this LP dripped with passion, talent, and artistry. I had a really hard time reviewing it honestly. Usually there are a handful of songs that speak to me and that’s how I chose. My list kept changing with every listen and that alone speaks volumes to the quality of their music.

Breezy McMullen is the Editor in Chief at PA and Find Out. In addition to her duties there, she is also a co-owner of Allegedly Records and a founding member of the international co-op, Scene to Scene. When she’s not herding children or musicians, you can find her in the woods or on a lake getting stoned…. probably. 

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