The Super High-Tech Jet Fighters – Ramona’s Basement

When Allegedly Records puts out a call for people to review their music for PA and Find Out, you don’t ignore that!! I obliged and I was asked to review Ramona‘s Basement by The Super High-Tech Jet Fighters. Now, this is something new for me. So come along and see how badly I screw this up.

Formed in the summer of 2017, the band consists of Wes as lead vox and guitar, Logan on drums, Tommy on bass, and Davey on lead guitar and backing vocals. The guys call central Pennsylvania the home base for their punk influenced flavor of power pop. They released their latest EP in March of 2023 and joined the Allegedly Records family later that year. 

Ramona’s Basement opens with “Moonlight Girl.” It’s an upbeat, fast pace song that manages to get this old work boot cladded foot tapping. There’s something about a clean and simple bass line that really draws me into a song, and this one is no exception. The instrumentals slowly come to an end before the soulful vocals close this track.

The album continues with a seemingly cheerful tune, but with contradictary lyrics in “Less Than Words.” The next track, “One Day Maybe”, is slightly slower tempo, but still quick enough to keep my interest. It also begs the question – Who hurt you, man?! Again, the slight doo-wop beat of the song almost makes you overlook the painful words being delivered…. almost.

“Philly Rain” does a great job of reminding the listener that this band hails from the Keystone State without coming across as an obnoxious douche. All of the vocal parts come together nicely on this track and highlights the range of this band. 

“Know-It-All” has a bit of a Scotty doesn’t know vibe, that’s just what I’m hearing. I apologize if that wasn’t the plan or if you guys hate that song. We definitely all know someone who fits into this category.

Finally, “Ruby” closes out the album in a perfect way for me to be enjoying a frosty beverage in the garage, not getting any work done! It’s a sweet love song contained inside of an infectious 1950’s style head bopper. 

Pop punk/power punk usually turns me away and I will admit – it took me three listens to really get into it, but it was worth it. I definitely plan on seeing them if they play a show in my area! They are in the process of putting all of their previous work on vinyl so stay tuned!!

7 out of 10 Pabst Blue Ribbons 

Richard hails from a mini farm in Fredericksburg VA, where he raises small feathered velociraptors in preparation for the coming collapse of society. He enjoys all beers, except garbage pumpkin, and listens to an unhealthy amount of thrash metal, punk, and industrial.

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