Old City – Old City EP

This review was super easy to do. To begin with, they don’t use their real names or info so if I get any of the details wrong – they can’t sue me. (Editor’s note: All lyrics are written by Tre Marsh aka Tr38cho.) But also cause Old City’s Self Titled EP is really tight. Like watching Shorty’s skate videos after school tight. Like going out and trying to steal OL’ E 40s Casper-style from kids tight. The punk rock samples and the bars that they spit over them are everything that a 90’s street kid could dream of. 

The opening song “Jump Off” starts out with an all so familiar guitar part from “Too Drunk to Fuck” by the mighty DKs. Then it goes straight to the scratching. When the lyrics kick in, you wouldn’t be out of place thinking that you were in a NYC alley way hitting a Philly Blunt and kicking it in the cypher. It’s got a fresh, but nostalgic feel to it. Like reminiscent of discovering The Beastie Boys during those crucial teenage years when we had to fight for our right to party. 

Next up, “Get Sued” comes in a little laid back. Hitting lines over top the guitar part of “Brain Stew” really makes you believe Billie Joe Armstrong is gonna kick a tight 18. This track has a guest verse contributed by Olmec with my favorite line, “I keep my circle tight, it helps out with rotation.” You’ll have to search YouTube for the official music video since age restrictions prevent me from sharing. It’s worth it. One of the first things that I noticed was the Presidente. 

“Sixers” opens up with the Queen of Trashy Americana Punk Rock, Courtney Love, herself. Just when you think that she is gonna admit to everything and take the wrap for Kurt’s untimely demise – the bass line from Black Flags “Six Pack” saves her celebrity skin. It’s lyrics tell you how to get it done DIY style and features MURS and King Ani Mal. This really is the epitome of the hip hop and punk rock worlds colliding in the most perfect way possible. 

The 4th song is definitely gonna raise some eyebrows. “Class Act” comes in with Pennywise’s “Society” just to guarantee a good review from me. (Don’t worry, I got ya). Keeping the Warped Tour ’94 vibes going, this song contains lyrics about equality and a dope flow. Some heavy hitters, like Shawna Potter of War on Women, were brought on to kick it to the next level here. It’s amazing seeing artists use their platforms to advocate for others.

So the first bummer on this EP comes with the 5th song. Named “DK3”, you get your hopes up that it’s about the Mighty Ducks franchise, keeping with the 90s theme and all, but alas. It is just another killer hip hop track with a DK intro. Seriously, another great flow over a beat made from a legend and it fits together so well.

Dude. I honestly think they left the best for last. “Pipebomb” gave me goosebumps. The first verse hits extra hard and says some shit. Reminds you of what hip hop and punk rock are supposed to do; call out corruption in the system and make motherfuckers uncomfortable while doing it. This entire EP is worth a listen and there are rumors of more to come soon. 

Old City is based outta Philly, so I hope that we cross paths at some point. Even cooler if we played a show together….

Chris likes punk rock. He sings in the band IDLEMINDS and scouts for Snubbed By Allegedly. He’s ok. Not great, but not terrible. Believe him when he says that bands are good and read into it when he says nothing. 

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