The Skluttz – The Good Fight

The Skluttz are a Washington DC based ska band that is slipping under a lot of people’s radar. Their last EP, The Good Fight, was released in 2022 by Allegedly Records. In the last year, they have played shows with bands like Hub City Stompers, Sgt Scag, Hans Gruber and the Die Hards, Joker’s Republic, and a ton more. The woman fronted six piece has a strong ska punk sound that reminds me of some of my favorite indie ska bands from the early 2000s. Clean, powerful horns, great harmonies, and solid lead vocals highlight the album, but the bass, guitars, and drums nail their parts as well to fill out the sound.

I’m always shocked that I haven’t heard more people talking about this band. I think they are at their best when they are singing songs with a slight political theme, like “Love is Love” and “You Don’t Own Me”. The expert use of the brass section really drives this third wave sound and allows the underlaying message to shine. The social critique in “First World Problems” – a song about entitlement- hits home just as well. “No one wants to hear about your first world problems.” 

One of my favorite parts of the album is the bridge in “Rapunzel”. It’s just a solid instrumentation- not really ska, more of an early 2000s pop/ rock/ punk bridge and highlights the different instruments. Beginning with the guitars and horns, it escalates, almost like a classic Western, and does an excellent job building excitement and tension. It is the perfect segue to end this track about a co-dependent relationship. 

I think my favorite part about this EP is that it is so good, but at the same time, feels like a stepping stone. It’s just 5 songs, it hints at a classic third wave sound, but it also feels like there is a promise for something different. I can’t wait to hear where they go from here. The songs that send small political messages could be the beginning for something more. The solid, clean instruments and production will only get better. I think they may get even more crisp, punchy, and direct. Whatever path they choose, I look forward to it. 

Gimp Leg is a freelance ska fan that enjoys writing, because he is completely devoid of musical talent. He also hates cops and capitalism, but loves paleontology and baseball. He wants you to know that he is proud of you and that you are doing the best you can.

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