The Artist Known As Tim – Bitter As Hell, Part 3

“Saved By the Blood”

This is an excellent opener for this new EP. The ominous repeating guitar notes that are then spiced with a haunting violin and powerful vocals immediately draws you in to listen to the story. As the accompanying instruments unfold and your ear begins to breathe in the beautiful arrangement, you feel curious and nostalgic at the same time. The song builds and builds towards its climax by adding so much texture, and then strips it all away so you can focus on the lead vocals and backing gang vocals. The violin rages on, kind of like the vehicle for this storm of a song, making sure we make it to the end safely. I loved every second of the emotional rollercoaster that I was sent on.


Raise up for Zack Vickers on the banjo. This song is gorgeous. It is a bewitching vocal melody that is backed by a delicious arrangement of instruments. I don’t know if a banjo solo has ever moved me this much, so once again, well done Zack. The soft backing vocals that help boost the lead are a really interesting trick; a beautifully subtle way to end the song.

“The County Line”

Man, this three song EP hits all the marks. Each song touching on different moods. I like that it closes with this bop; picks up the pace and is a fun sing along. As a pop punk fan, I automatically get sucked into songs that have to do with hometowns. The song is easy listening and has a message that is relatable to most.

This EP is a blast. Pure magic from start to finish, and I say that it will appeal to folk and rock fans alike. It’s very well orchestrated and easy to digest. A wonderfully palatable folk rock treat!

Nicole is a lover of music, movies, and margaritas. Aside from writing for PA and Find out, she also plays in Curse Words, Collider, and Accidents. You can probably find her playing guitar in a punk act at some shitty bar in DC or taking 1000 photos of her cats.

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